The Process of Reverse Engineering the August Lock API

Charles Proxy with login session response

August API Responses

I started monitoring traffic from a fresh install of August so I know I’m not missing any API requests fired on the first launch. Once I logged in, I started loading all the various screens and interacting with the app as much as possible to give me a broad overview of various aspects of the API calls. I then logged out and back in again to see if anything changed from the initial login. While the first time sent me a login validation code, the second time did not. Validation appeared to be tied to an “installId” UUID being sent on the login request which was indicated in a slightly modified response on the second login.

"installId": "0000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
"applicationId": "",
"userId": "0000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
"vInstallId": true,
"vPassword": true,
"vEmail": false,
"vPhone": false,
"hasInstallId": true,
"hasPassword": true,
"hasEmail": true,
"hasPhone": true,
"isLockedOut": false,
"captcha": "",
"email": [
"phone": [
"expiresAt": "2016-06-03T08:39:48.377Z",
"LastName": "Brown",
"FirstName": "Nolan"

Android App

I downloaded the August Lock APK and decompiled it giving me a very nicely formatted source code for the Android app. It was a large-ish code base (roughly 43,6072 LOC, most of that code wasn’t from August but I still had to dig through it all) and not everything was able to be decompiled into readable variables or class names. I decided to start by searching the source code for something I knew was hardcoded such as the token header. I found the header being set in the main API file and worked my way back from there finding a class that neatly contain every endpoint for the August API (many of which I had not seen in my logs) and some interesting functions available in a Utilities class.



Making and breaking things for most of my life. Tw: @nolanbrown IG: @nolan

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Nolan Brown

Nolan Brown

Making and breaking things for most of my life. Tw: @nolanbrown IG: @nolan